Traditional sailing on the “Mar de Muros”

Requeriments: The enrolment will not be effective until being confirmed by the organization and the payment is done.

Deadline for the enrolment: until Tuesday, january 11th
Deadline for paying: until Wednesday, january 12th

Organized by: AC Mar de Muros – Mardevelas

To enroll in this activity you must take into account the following:

▪ ID
▪ Swimming capability
▪ Use of mask during the activity
▪ Smoking is forbidden during the sailing
▪ Parental authorization in case of under aged
▪ Wind/water clothes, water proof and non-sliding shoes
▪ Hat, sunglasses, solar protection
▪ Water proof bag
▪ Life jacket (the club will supply it if needed)
▪ Water
▪ Food
▪ Anti-nausea pills if needed, whether if it’s your first time sailing

I'm interested

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