Finally the winds and the sea took us to Porto do Son!

After many attempts, we finally had a favorable wind (although not very intense: the buoy in the middle of the estuary we thought had been removed, because we couldn’t reach it…), and it allowed us to enter Porto do Son.. .; the sea was also on our side and it didn’t prevent us from reaching this village that we hadn’t visited for a long time (not for lack of desire…).


On the outward journey we had to move away from Rebordiño, which took the wind out of us, but, once out of the shelter, we took a right course to Porto do Son, and we had no problem going through the entrance canal to the port:


On the way back, the wind accompanied us on our departure and we were encouraged to go to the Neixón; but soon it started to fall and we had to abort this course and head for Muros, which we entered directly (this time with the wind in our favor…):